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I am laying in bed mustering the energy to face the day. The sun is shining, the bird well if they hadn’t started flying south would be singing. it seems to be a perfect day BUT ( well you always know there is going to be the but, who are we kidding) I was up until 6 am.

I went to the doctor Monday. You know the one that is supposed to have all the answers for whats wrong. The one I put all my eggs in 1 basket  for, ready to accept what fate had dealt me , that I have RA.  SURPRISE… you don’t have RA you have 1 of the markers for RA but that is it not enough to diagnosis you with it. WHAT wait hold up back this train up ! Its not officially Lupus, and its really not RA. One doctor tells me RA  goes hand and hand with Lupus the other says no. I want this ride to stop now. Then…ahhhhh…. the clouds they parted and the angel spoke.  Have you been tested for Celiac’s diseas. I win ? She explained why and it all makes perfect sense !

Fate’s be damned today, I win. Research starts! I will feel better . I will not be sick. You will not win. I am embracing  life and this life is good.

Off to make soap I have been reeling since Monday. I know I can do this I just have to re-wire for my new perfectly normal 🙂 Besides haven’t I always said normal is boring!


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 Last night , as I laid down  trying to sleep, I noticed how sore I was. My EVERYTHING hurt, and its everything hurt even more. Auto-immune issues , well there is no nice way to put it , are the pits. This is what started me down the path of removing  the sludge from my life. Baby steps . little baby steps!

The changes I have made or am currently making  include :

I no longer buy shampoo or soap from a store. I make my own. I am trying to buy local free range eggs as much as possible. I no longer eat margarine ( have you read whats actually in that ! Its like eating plastic/paint !!) My goal is  to  buy a whole cow and pig for butcher  that’s  not fed hormones . I say all this to let the cat out of the bag. 


I’m adding a few products to the store very soon ! I’m working out the  fine print and doing a few tests as to the best way to  make it/ package it.

1)  A cake/disk  version of a sugar scrub that requires no liquid for packaging its added at home 10 minutes before  you use it  and it dissolves. It rather looks like a  cookie /brownie before hand to be honest but smells wonderful.

2) A salt scrub that is in cubes  for your feet .

3) An amazingly wonderful  whipped butter cream  ( I will do away with store bought  chemical laden lotions at this point!!) 

Someone said something to me that makes perfect sense . You get out of your body what you put in. Well consider this  the skin is the larges organ  in your body , and daily , we put it full of all sorts of harmful products. The skin is porous and it absorbs  everything  to a point . All that  crap then goes into the body and it travels  everywhere !  I’m tired of feeling sick and tired. I will do all I can to make myself healthy and hopefully  in the process offer an affordable way for others to do it as well.

I’ll slip more details and pictures as I  master the task. I’m so excited at what my new day held for me !

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