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Ebay ID bc_tc

seems for now while I’m cranking out soap at lighting fast speeds we are going to be listing on ebay. We are doing 2 types of listing s 48 5 oz bars or 24/24 for the 5 oz and the 3.5 oz. If you’re looking for a chance to get great soap at a cheap price check out our ebay store 🙂

love and another life

I am laying in bed mustering the energy to face the day. The sun is shining, the bird well if they hadn’t started flying south would be singing. it seems to be a perfect day BUT ( well you always know there is going to be the but, who are we kidding) I was up until 6 am.

I went to the doctor Monday. You know the one that is supposed to have all the answers for whats wrong. The one I put all my eggs in 1 basket  for, ready to accept what fate had dealt me , that I have RA.  SURPRISE… you don’t have RA you have 1 of the markers for RA but that is it not enough to diagnosis you with it. WHAT wait hold up back this train up ! Its not officially Lupus, and its really not RA. One doctor tells me RA  goes hand and hand with Lupus the other says no. I want this ride to stop now. Then…ahhhhh…. the clouds they parted and the angel spoke.  Have you been tested for Celiac’s diseas. I win ? She explained why and it all makes perfect sense !

Fate’s be damned today, I win. Research starts! I will feel better . I will not be sick. You will not win. I am embracing  life and this life is good.

Off to make soap I have been reeling since Monday. I know I can do this I just have to re-wire for my new perfectly normal 🙂 Besides haven’t I always said normal is boring!

Another Ebay Deal

S oaps on ebay still clearing out extra overstock of soap gearing up for the new season. Way less than wholesale price. Shipped normally the same day as payment is received:)

Loving this!

It’s Friday! Time for the Farmer’s Market, people watching and soap what a perfect combo. I have been a soap making fiend the past few weeks. Im so happy that something I love is  turning into a way I can help support my little family ( and it gives me 8 hours of time sorta, somewhat alone)

Don’t get me wrong I love my life, wouldn’t change a thing. HOWEVER having said that I do need  this downtime  of me doing my thing to decompress! I come home having missed the boys and ready to take on  the next week.I feel the need for a night out just the husband and I soon. I can always tell when its been to long . We both start getting snippy. Yep that’s were we are the past 2 weeks.  Maybe we should plan a night away completely just the 2 of us somewhere local but further away then  just going to the movies and  out to eat. Random thoughts I know, This post is being typed while planning exactly how Im going to load 120+ lbs of soap into a small Volvo :;) Great times I live .

Crazy Prices

bc_tc  on ebay  listing for a 1 time special less then wholesale pricing on overstock ( nothing wrong with them I just need to make room for new items!)  I wholesale bars of this size normally at $3  each and require a purchase of $150.  This is 2 bars short of a $150 order for $50 less!



Crafty Business

Its official Nov 4 I will do a craft event. This is a first for me.
Well no not really but the first that I’M in charge. I ran the craft circuit as a child, with my Nannie. I might find another to do before
then but who knows. My goal is to find 2 a month that are decent this year.I’m not sure I can pull that off but if I do it still allows me to spend time with my husband and 2 perfect boys ( I’m mom and I’m bias as it should be!)